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The  Anti-Drug Coalition of Citrus County, Inc. is a non-profit prevention coalition made of concerned community members who have joined together to address substance abuse issues in Citrus County Florida.  Founded in 2003, the Anti-Drug Coalition is made up of 12 different sectors of the community ranging from providers, businesses, the public school system, to local law enforcement, municipalities, faith-based organizations, social service agencies, and others.

 While the ADC is concerned about all substance abuse in Citrus County, our primary focus is prevention efforts among youth with underage drinking, marijuana use, and other substances.  We advocate for raising our kids in safe, healthy environments, where they can be protected from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. We believe  we all have a responsibility in keeping Citrus County a great place to live.  We know that by collaborating together, and utilizing community resources, we can make  a positive impact in our county.