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Exercising precautions with prescription drugs is always the best plan, however people are spending more time at home these days with COVID-19, so handling medications properly is more crucial than ever. It is our desire to help residents understand the importance of using medication as prescribed, storing it properly, and disposing of it safely.  That’s what SAFE CITRUS is all about. By practicing Safe Use, Safe Storage, and Safe Disposal, it will help to prevent trips to the emergency room for both adverse reactions, and unintentional poisonings and overdoses.  

To download our SAFE CITRUS guide which teaches about Safe Use, Safe Storage, and Safe Disposal best practices, click here now.  

Pictured left is Executive Director, Renea Teaster with representatives from Deterra at the Behavioral Health Conference in Orlando in August 2021.  Deterra is a safe-to-use product at home that is environmentally friendly way to dispose of prescription medication. 

June 5th, 2023
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